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How To Fix a Leaking Pipe

Leaking Pipe? Here's what to do.

If you’ve found a leak in your home, whether it’s from your pipes, plumbing, radiator or anything in between, it’s important to get it sorted right away before it causes any lasting damage.

Leaking pipes aren’t something you can leave and deal with tomorrow. If left un-dealt with, a leaking pipe can lead to major water damage to your property, alongside reducing the pressure in your boiler leading it to break.

The first step in dealing with a leak is to immediately turn off your water supply, whether you turn off all of the water of simply close the valve attached to the pipe. Then, you need to turn on any taps leading from the pipe in question in order to drain as much water from the system as possible, to prevent gallons ending up on the floor!

After that, you need to determine what kind of leak you are dealing with. If the leak is simply due to a loose joint, tightening the joint with a spanner will do the trick, however if it is the pipe itself – it may need replacing. Check the section below to find some alternative solutions!

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Stop-gap leaking pipe solutions!

Sometimes a pipe-patch is all you’ll need to beat the leak. These can be found at most DIY home stores. Alternatively, waterproof tape can help!

These solutions will only help for the time-being though, and aren’t really a complete solution to dealing with your leak. You should also remember that if your pipe has one leak, it’s quite possible that another is just round the corner! If the leak was caused by corrosion, this corrosion has most likely spread to other areas of the pipe in question.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a plumber deal with any leaking pipes or other plumbing issues. Get in touch with us now for a free, no-obligation quote for any plumbing work you need doing. Call us on 0116 202 9661.

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